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Terms and Conditions


Cancellation Charges
Cancellation charges depend on the length of time prior to departure that notice is received by MK Travel. Written notice is required in our office no later than 48 hours after verbal confirmation of cancellation has been received.

Cancellation Penalties
Penalties are based on the number of days prior to your scheduled departure date that we receive your written notice of cancellation.

61+ days prior to scheduled departure date - full refund minus Deposit and Penalties
45 - 60 days prior - 50% of package price
Within 44 days all packages are 100% non-refundable
The buyer is responsible that written notice of cancellation has been received by MK Travel. These are the minimum cancellation penalties, ADDITIONAL penalties may apply. These penalties do not cover airfare. Any airfare purchased is 100% nonrefundable and non-transferable in any way. Refund request that are received in writing and they take 60 days to process.

Travel Documents
Passengers are responsible for their own travel documents. Proper proof of citizenship and legal status is your responsibility. Boarding may be denied without proper verification of citizenship and legal status.

  • Airport Check In

Check-in begins 3 hours prior to departure time at the airline ticket counter. We highly recommend that you follow this policy. Late arrivals may be denied boarding by the carrier. All flight times and carriers are subject to change without prior notice. We recommend that you contact the airline within 24hours of departure to confirm your departure time.

Hotel Check In and Check Out Policy.
These policies vary by hotel and may not coincide with your arrival time and there may be a wait in getting your room. Please check with the hotel of your choice for their Check In/Out policy.

Carrier's Responsibility
No carrier shall have or incur any responsibility or liability to any passenger or for property accompanying passengers, except for its liability as a common carrier. MK Travel cannot guarantee weather conditions nor can MK Travel be responsible for any shut down, whether wholly or partially of the operation of the facilities, whether they caused by weather or for any reason or cause, and MK Travel hereby expressly reserves the right to change the tour destination or part thereof if deemed necessary, solely, by MK Travel, due to the conditions.

MK Travel shall be responsible to the traveler for providing the services and accommodation offered in this brochure. MK Travel reserves the right to cancel, alter or modify any part of the tour in its sole and absolute discretion for any reason whatsoever with or without any prior notice to the passenger. In the event of change, MK Travel will try to substitute comparable services; in the event of complete cancellation MK Travel's only liability will be to refund any monies if any monies have been paid for such service. If no monies were collected for this services like concerts provided by MK Travel, customers are NOT entitled to any refund. If such services and accommodation cannot be supplied due to causes beyond its control, there shall be no liability or responsibility owned by MK Travel MK Travel will use its best efforts to supply the most comparable services and accommodation available, and it is understood and agreed by the traveler that the traveler shall not be entitled to any refund whatsoever except as herein specified. The traveler expressly waives any claim against MK Travel or its principal servants, agents, employers, employees or any individual representatives for any loss, damage, or injury for any reason caused or incurred as a result of the person rendering any of the services. As MK Travel has no direct control over the individuals who supply the various components of your tour, MK Travel shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or injury whether physical or mental to persons or property resulting from delays, strikes, substitution of equipment or facility, mechanical defects or failure, howsoever caused or any act of omission, negligence or any other fault by the subcontractors nor any additional expenses caused thereby and the traveler hereby expressly waives any such caliph or loss, damage, or injury arising therefore whether such claim arises in tort or contract. MK Travel reserves the right to decline any traveler as a member of a tour at any time.The traveler agrees to comply with any asonable instructions issued by MK Travel relating to the tour. All accommodation and other services are provided by independent suppliers. Your booking of all packages advertised involves an agreement between you and those who provide the services. We assume no responsibility for the acts or omissions of these suppliers. This contract regardless of where it is performed shall be interpreted in accordance with the laws of the of The State of Florida in the United States of America. The invalidity of any provision contained herein shall not affect the validity of any other provision. Any oral or written assurances or statements that differ from the terms of these conditions not expressly approved in writing by MK Travel head office in Coral Gables, Florida are not legally binding.

The conditions contained herein constitute the entire contract between MK Travel and the traveler. The passenger hereby acknowledges having read the within conditions or being given a reason able opportunity to read them.


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